Frozen Yogurt, popularly known as ‘FROYO’ is a healthier alternative to ice cream.

Why? Because our Froyo is 97% fat-free, Zero Cholesterol and of low of calories.
A bit of a tartness makes it more delicious than ice creams. Frozen yogurt is a dessert made with yogurt. It is usually much lower in fat than compared to Ice cream.

Get a swirl full of Froyo, then top it off with your favorite sauce & toppings as you like.

Healthy benefits:
We care about your health and taste, by providing you nutritional value and variety. Our Froyo is not only provides you great taste, but also has Protein, calcium, Vitamin D and a manageable number of calories.

Hand Crafted Roll Ice Creams

Had enough of traditional ice creams? Now try our new innovative handcrafted ice creams which are served to you in roll form.

Roll Ice creams are extremely popular across the world now. The Concept hails from Thailand, and is one of their most liked street food. The Cream Mix with Milk is poured on to a cold pan, topped with nuts, flavors, chocolates & much more and mashed together. The mixture is then flattened and evenly spread, scraped into rolls & plated at its best; with toppings to add on to the taste.served to you in cups by adding the toppings.

New shapes and trends of ice creams are emerging everywhere recently. Our dedicated team will be putting their best effort, live in front of you to prepare and serve the best Roll ice cream. “


Waffles are currently the most popular desserts in the metro cities.

Crispy Belgian waffles made with fresh heavenly batter, loaded with our specially tempered sauces, fresh fruits, nuts and much more…

Waffles are a kind of desserts, which is liked by any age, any time, any season.

Yollow offers wide range of waffles, with Belgian, Brownie, Red Velvet and Charcoal base. For those, who wants something different, something special and something tasty, we are the one stop solution.

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